Politico.com has the details of the rescue plan

See the details at Politico.com
According to John Bresnahan:

This is an e-mail circulating among New Democrats, a group on progressive Democrats, on Sunday morning that lays out some of the details of the Wall Street bailout package agreed to by House, Senate and White House negotiatiors late Saturday night.
Here’s the full text of the e-mail, which was sent out about just before noon today: “Below is an update on everything that has happened with the economic rescue package. The deal is done and agreed to by all parties.

Go over to Politico.com to read the email. Mixed signals are coming from the media. Apparently, House Republicans are not happy about it but enough may vote for it that it will appear to be bi-partisan. My guess is that voter sentiment is so strong against a bailout that it would not be helpful for some Reps to vote for it since they will be facing voters soon.
It is astonishing to me that some Dems wanted to put 20% of the profits toward subsidies for housing.

5 thoughts on “Politico.com has the details of the rescue plan”

  1. So poor people are only poor because they are lazy and stupid is that it Tess? You must be one of the “compassionate christians.”

  2. We worked very hard and very long hours for many years to get what we have. Noone helped us! Why should we buy homes for those that didnt sacrifice what we did. Stop looking for handouts and work 2 jobs and go back to school and maybe then you will realize how you dont want to buy houses for those not willing to.

  3. Ken – see the current post with the bailout plan in a pdf.
    ACORN is gone and 20% is going to a low income rental program and a fund that will continue to help low income people.
    My astonishment related to the Dems wanting to give money to ACORN which is knee deep in scandal.

  4. Warren said:
    It is astonishing to me that some Dems wanted to put 20% of the profits toward subsidies for housing.
    Why? Do you think there is something wrong with wanting to make housing affordable for lower income families?
    And I’m sure there were a whole lot of suggestions by various members of congress to try to earmark any profits this bail-out might generate. Personally, I’ll be happy if they come up with something that has a chance of repaying the money the government ends up putting up for this mess.

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