Politico.com has the details of the rescue plan

See the details at Politico.com
According to John Bresnahan:

This is an e-mail circulating among New Democrats, a group on progressive Democrats, on Sunday morning that lays out some of the details of the Wall Street bailout package agreed to by House, Senate and White House negotiatiors late Saturday night.
Here’s the full text of the e-mail, which was sent out about just before noon today: “Below is an update on everything that has happened with the economic rescue package. The deal is done and agreed to by all parties.

Go over to Politico.com to read the email. Mixed signals are coming from the media. Apparently, House Republicans are not happy about it but enough may vote for it that it will appear to be bi-partisan. My guess is that voter sentiment is so strong against a bailout that it would not be helpful for some Reps to vote for it since they will be facing voters soon.
It is astonishing to me that some Dems wanted to put 20% of the profits toward subsidies for housing.