6 thoughts on “McCain and Obama square off: Open Forum”

  1. Warren – agreed. McCain is behind, and he needed to demonstrate Obama had a weakness in foreign policy. Instead, Obama held his own. A “tie” goes to Obama – which is what most of the polls are showing.
    Although I think what may actually matter in the long run is McCain’s weird inability to look at Obama during the debate. As a seasoned politician he should know better.

  2. I think McCain proved he could throw zingers, I didn’t see that he proved himself more experienced. I agree with you though in general Warren – both men proved themselves to be knowledgeable and intelligent. I agree with Lynn about McCain’s “digs” though – I don’t think that won him any voters.

  3. Both men showed themselves very knowledgeable and intelligent. I thought McCain’s experience was superior but Obama showed a command of the issues. McCain’s foreign policy zinger might have been the statement that he would not need on-the-job training. Actually, he could have driven home a bit more that Biden said that about Obama in the primaries.
    In a tie, Obama probably gets a bit of a boost with undecideds since he has the experience disadvantage. With partisans, only a very few might become undecideds based on this debate.

  4. Drudge would have such a poll, he’s more of a propagandist than FOX.
    It was boring, a tie if anything. McCain got in all the same old republican digs at Obama for which Obama had his explanations. That if anything might have made McCain appear to win, because he was on the offensive (and so said one reporter on either CBS or NBC). I don’t necessarily think that is the case, however, because it sounded all too much like a prepaid attack advertisement rather than a debate.
    Otherwise McCain came out on top on Iraq and Obama more or less killed on the economy as national security issue according to one poll I saw.

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