Poll: 69% think media promotes favorite candidate; Obama benefits most

The Rasmussen Reports website reported yesterday the results of a poll showing that most people think members of the media slant stories to help a favored candidate. And most people believe Obama gets most of the love.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 50% of voters think most reporters are trying to help Obama win versus 11% who believe they are trying to help his Republican opponent John McCain. Twenty-six percent (26%) say reporters offer unbiased coverage…

I have some items I would like to sell that 26% group.
And then,

Just last week a Rasmussen Reports survey found that 51% of voters believed reporters were trying to hurt McCain’s running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, with their news coverage.

After reviewing many of the claims regarding Palin’s policies, specifically the allegations about her so-called budget cuts, I can understand well this result.
As an aside, we may see a correction coming from a mainstream source soon…

2 thoughts on “Poll: 69% think media promotes favorite candidate; Obama benefits most”

  1. Drowssap,
    If the media is in love with Obama, it’s certainly undeniable that McCain has been their darling for years.
    It has taken the McCain campaign repeating lies (not exaggerations, half-truths, or flip-flops) dozens and dozens of times to get the media to move away from any sort of false equivalency stance – and they’re still reluctant to call a lie a lie.
    I’m also not sure how your example is supposed to demonstrate that Obama is lousy under pressure. I think it drives home just how ridiculous the whole “lipstick on a pig” flap is.

  2. And the public is correct. The media has been in love with Obama since the beginning. If the media had done it’s job they would have figured out long ago what a lousy candidate Obama is. The Dems would have picked Hillary and McCain would be in for a beating in November.
    The Dems are just starting to realize that Obama is lousy under pressure and he’ll probably blow the election.
    Obama On Letterman: ‘McCain Policy Is The Pig’

    “Keep in mind, technically, had I meant it this way, [Palin] would be the lipstick. The failed policies of John McCain would be the pig, just following the logic of this illogical situation,”

    Please get Obama on Letterman every night. 😎

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