Palin's pastors go On the Record with Greta Van Susteren; comments on Love Won Out

Greta Van Susteren has posted exclusive interviews with Sarah Palin’s pastors on the FOX News website. I am embedding them here. The first one is quite interesting in that Pastor Larry Kroon of Wasilla Bible Church discusses his decision to place the Love Won Out flyers in his church bulletin. He confirms that the LWO on September 14 is not in his church but in Anchorage. He also notes that his motivation was to have his congregation hear testimonies of people who wrestle with their Christian commitment and same-sex attraction. Clearly, Wayne Besen has done a good job of obscuring the LWO in the minds of the media when they ask about “praying away the gay.” In addition, as I noted in a post yesterday, I think LWO would help itself immensely by examining the way it markets LWO.
She then interviews Ed Kalnins, who pastors the Assembly of God church where the Palins attended prior to Wasilla Bible.
That the Palin moved from the AoG to the Bible church seems to me to represent a shift in viewpoint as these churches perspectives are quite different. Certain cardinal doctrines are the same but these are religious differences that may have little bearing on how one might govern. Some discussion on this point would be valuable. What political and/or policy ramifications might derive from these religious views?
Obama commented yesterday that there is no religious litmus test and that criticism of religious views is off limits. Now that he has spoken, do you suppose the media will lay off?

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  1. Poor Wayne…he is in love with his own words.
    Regarding the difference between AOG and Bible Churches:
    1. Both are Fundamentalist in their view of the Bible
    2. Both are Culturally “American” in their expression
    3. Both value men over women in leadership
    4. I think their pastors have different responsibilities to their parishioners (Bible Church pastors are appointed and accountable to Elders; AOG? and responsible to a district supervisor).
    5. Bible Churches are Dispensationalist; AOG are not (can’t remember the name of the other side).
    6. AOG highly value the here and now of spirituality, making errors of subjectivism; Bible Church highly value doctine and correct believing, making errors of objectivism.
    I think this is a good start list and hope other people add to it…Even Wayne

  2. Wayne – Praying for strength to be celibate or refuse desire one disagrees with is different than praying to change those desires. However, whatever the object of the prayers, no one at FOTF that I know says change comes from simply praying for it.

  3. Warren:
    Why are you ashamed of what Love Won Out and Exodus do? When you shave away all the spin – they really are about praying away the gay. They offer no other product – except fake and outdated pop psychology about distant fathers and mothers.
    Just admit it – “pray away the gay” is a very accurate term. Just because it is not the preferred marketing term for these groups, makes it no less true. Can you provide me with another product these groups actually sell, other than prayer? If you read the books they sell, go to their conferences or meetings – it is a bunch of people praying for a miracle that will likely never come.
    Sometimes it is for heterosexuality they pray for. Other times, it is for the strength to be celibate. But, in all cases, they are praying away the gay – either partially or completely.
    Warren – just own your religion and stop running away from it. Be proud of your beliefs!

  4. I was positively impressed with pastor Larry Kroon. Not only with his statements about LWO, but also with his gracious, pastoral and calm demeanor and spirit. If he gets more airplay, it could go a long way toward debunking the conventional perception that evangelicals are all whackos and wingnuts.

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