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    Thank you – your comment and sincerity has filled my heart – this is really all I ever wanted or needed to hear and know.

  2. By the way, I share Wayne’s hopes that Wendy will eventually drop EXODUS and follow in the footsteps of those former EXODUS leaders who had a change of heart — and came to believe that the message that homosexuality is evil (and ought ot be changed or supressed somehow) was harming, not helping the people I believe she truly loves.

  3. If you cannot agree with the path another has taken, or you think it is sad that they would need such assistance, would you be willing to bless them with the hope of finding the same peace you have, even if your paths take different directions? I

  4. 1) Warren – you work at a school – the perfect setting for a symposium. Why doesn’t Grove Community College host an event where secualr therapsits explain why SIT is a bad idea. I can think of several shrinks who would be honored to attend. What are you afraid of?
    2) Wendy’s ministry is harmful. It sends the terrible message that homosexuality is wrong. This damages young people and families – although I am convinced that is not her intention.
    3) Due to the fact that Wendy is not trying to pass anti-gay laws (Exodus), deliberatly lie about GLBT life (NARTH), or affect incremental change in the psychological community (Thrckmorton) – I would basically agree to disagree with her and ignore her ministry. Wendy appears to mind her own business and thus I would mind my own and not concern myself with her activities.
    4) A perfect example of this is Homosexuals Anonymous. I vehamently disagree with what they do. However, we have rarely addressed their damaging ministry because thier lack of politcal involvement. If Exodus would truly get out of politics (they haven’t yet) and if you would stop trying to fly under the radar, Warren, and harrass mental health organizations (I know you have been doing so) and if PFOX and NARTH would simply wear straight jackets and lock themselves in padded rooms, then we would all get along just fine.
    5) I disagree with Wendy, but she is not the problem. If you haven’t noticed, we have never had a spat with her. We tend to concentrate on politically active charlatains, con artists and political operatives. I wish Wendy the best, but hope she follows in the footsteps of Jeremy Marks and turns her ex-gay minsitry into a pro-gay minsitry. Reinforcing shame in people – in the name of religion – is never healthy. And, telling people that God does not approve of the way they were born to love is always harmful. The less we have of this message the better off GLBT people will be.

  5. even I think it is sad that people would need such assistance

    None of us can fully understand what is in someone else’s heart and why they feel and think in a different way than how we do, but they do, and that is all that matters. If you cannot agree with the path another has taken, or you think it is sad that they would need such assistance, would you be willing to bless them with the hope of finding the same peace you have, even if your paths take different directions? I think, that is what all this comes down to anyway – the ability to understand and respect each other, whether we agree or not.

  6. Wayne’s questions are evasive. I would take part in a symposium like we planned at APA just about anywhere (except NARTH maybe). I didn’t plan this one, I was invited and the symposium approved. I suspect FOTF would host such a conference. However, then we would probably hear cries of “why would you speak there?”
    The question is a red herring. Wayne was opposed to this symposium, and continues to misrepresent it as a debate.

  7. Warren: Are you being deliberately evasive? I would also really like to know the answer to Wayne’s questions, above. Regarding your question for Wayne, I suspect Wayne does not think there is room for Wendy’s ministry — even I think it is sad that people would need such assistance — but at least she seems honest and compassionate.

  8. Wayne – Are you ever going to answer Wendy’s question about whether you believe her ministry has a role to play or should it be shut down too?

  9. Warren – when are you and your friends on the right going to host a similar discussion in front of your base? I’d be impressed if you would expose your flocks to mainstream points of view. Why is it always the liberals who owe you an invitation to the party? When are you and the others going to practice the Golden Rule and be the catalyst for such discussions. It seems you expect much from the APA and others, but are not interested in creating such venues yourself.

  10. Wayne – Let’s review.
    APA Symposium – Not a debate.
    SoulForce & MegaChurch – Not the APA
    Wayne & Family News in Focus – Both wrongly referred to the APA symposium as a debate.

  11. If Mohler and Throckmorton really wanted to have a debate, and if, as they say, they are not afraid of open debate, why don’t they just host it themselves?
    There certainly must be enough room for this panel (or one like it) to speak at Mohler’s Baptist Theological Seminary, or at the Focus on the Family headquarters (Mohler is on the Board), or perhaps at a Love Won Out conference?
    If they do not issue invitations for APA views to speak at their centers, then perhaps it is actually they who are afraid to debate in front of a wide audience? And, perhaps what everyone is saying, that they are just looking to make publicity to cast APA in a bad light is true. Maybe they are afraid that if their flocks are presented with real scientific views it will be more difficult to manipulate and brainwash them?
    So, right wingers, when are the invitations coming?
    The truth is, groups like Exodus and others don’t want a real debate unless they can control the outcome. For example, Soul Force’s overtures to meet with mega-church pastors have not been greeted with open arms. Indeed, Exodus, in Focus on the Family’s news site, said a “debate” is only good if it is on their narrow terms.

    Jeff Buchanan, director of church equipping at Exodus International, said each church needs to assess whether a meeting would be helpful.
    “I would be completely open to having a meaningful conversation, if both parties were humbly submitted in that conversation,” he said. “I would not enter into a conversation if I knew there was not a sincere openness to the truth.”

    Amazing how Exodus never mentioned such humble submission at the APA, yet, when it is on their turf, there are limitations to such open debate. Such a double-standard on debate does little to enhance the ex-gay industry’s credibility and fuels continued distrust.

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