Phelps and WBC a no-show at Eastern Michigan University

In case you heard the rumors…
The Phelps clan had planned to picket at Eastern Michigan University (why there, I don’t know) due to the participation of several Campus Crusade for Christ groups in the Golden Rule Pledge/Day of Silence. I will not link to the Westboro page but this blogger has links enough to keep anyone busy for awhile looking at the whole story.
Now, back to final exams…

3 thoughts on “Phelps and WBC a no-show at Eastern Michigan University”

  1. Fitz said: “This is no longer the “love that dare not speak its name” – rather it is the “love that won’t shut-up”.
    I assume that you are speaking of heterosexuality. Blatant public displays of heterosexual affection, hugging, groping, making out… T-shirts with graphic heterosexual messages. Heterosexuals in very provocative clothing. TV programs by heterosexuals that trivialize bioth sex and marriage. Heterosexual campaigns to deny equal rights to non-straights. I could go on… I have nothing against heterosexuality — but why do they have to flaunt it?

  2. Noting that gay groups are not silenced does not mean that violence against them is a ruse. On a local campus, the gay group gets 4 times the student activities money that the religious groups get; however gays are still a target of harassment.
    One thing I have seen from the Golden Rule Pledge is that conservatives in general are unaware of the social dynamics at work here.

  3. The idea that homosexuals on college campuses are somehow “silenced” is far-fetched. This is no longer the “love that dare not speak its name” – rather it is the “love that won’t shut-up”.
    The problem of violence is a ruse, using something that anyone has to be against as a pretext insulates them from what the day is meant to accomplish. That is: eliciting public sympathy and acclimation to a political agenda. If homosexual groups have drawn a clear line between tolerance and capitulation to their demands I’m not aware of the organization. To wit, anything less than complete submission to their every policy goal is routinely characterized as “hate”.

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