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This will be short. This morning I spoke at the Christian Medical Society breakfast along with Dr. Al Mohler. We presented abbreviated versions of the remarks originally planned for the APA symposium. From there, I had conversations with several psychiatrists who were quite enthusiastic about the Sexual Identity Therapy Framework. Without naming names, I learned that there is a group of gay psychiatrists and observers who were not happy that the symposium did not happen.
Something I want to mention is that I presented a similar program regarding the SIT framwork at the American Psychological Association last August in San Francisco. At that meeting, there were no protests and few distortions of my views and work. Why the difference here? Part of it may have related to Dr. Mohler’s presence but I am struck by the extreme differences at this APA.
I enjoyed meeting the participants of the symposium and reflecting on the turn of events.

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  1. Can’t name them? Afraid of Wayne? If people are indeed afraid of Wayne’s harsh words, then they are cowards. Wayne isn’t afraid. If they are afraid to speak up for what they truly believe, then they are cowards. They should be ashamed of themselves if they let a few angry gay activists push them into the shadows of anonymity — and if they do, they have no business in this field..
    I smell a cop out. Are these scaredy-cat APA guys you are keeping under wraps really scientists with the courage of their convictions or not? I can just hear it: “Hey, Warren, I really am on your side as far as this panel thing goes, but please don’t tell anyone. An angry activist might get me…”
    Come on. Your past association with NARTH — and Mohler’s association with FOTF (and his support of in utero fixing of gay embryos) are the biggest problem here, not the intimidating activists.

  2. Warren,
    Again, I will ask when I might expect answers to my questions. I’m fairly certain there are people afraid of you as well.

  3. Sorry, can’t. One thing I will say for you is that you have some people afraid of you to the point where they will not talk publicly.

  4. Warren:
    You ought to name names. I have spoken to many of the gay psychiatrists in DC over the weekend. They were overwhelmingly against you. The support you think you have is likely in your imagination.

  5. John – I am still looking for the reference but I am pretty sure Mohler clarified his views in a subsequent column. And I would buy your contention if Mohler’s views were at the center of the press on the subject; they weren’t. More generally regarding Mohler, I do think the opposition desired to thwart discussion that respected religious diversity.

  6. Dear Warren,
    I don’t know that the concern about this conference was mainly about you. I think it more had to do with Mohler. After all, a man who argues gayness should be genetically engineered out of children would seem to lack a firm grasp of science (and perhaps ethics). I mean this in all due respect, I just think Mohler is the problem.

  7. Warren,
    You still have yet to answer several questions regarding SIT that I asked you well over 6 months now. I realize you’re busy, but is there any chance you’ll have time to address those?
    I’m also curious – what makes SIT different than Reparative Therapy if a client is interested in trying to change his/her orientation?

  8. I’m glad to hear that others were disappointed. (Well – in perspective – you know what I mean)

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