iPods may cause homosexuality?

Of course, why didn’t we see this!? Scientists at the Harrington Institute have located what might be the single biggest factor associated with homosexuality in the modern world today – Brilliant White iPods.

Some people think it is soy products, but this may be the lead we have all been looking for…

Of course, iPods have been a problem for a long time.

(Pssst – Look at the date today)

6 thoughts on “iPods may cause homosexuality?”

  1. Eddy – That will be very hard to say on a podcast.

    Putting an ex- in front of it will make it darn near impossible.

    Ah, only about 90 minutes left…

    PS – I start campaigning for Nader tomorrow.

  2. Michael: LOL! I can picture the entire porn industry suing for the rights to “XXX” and “Triple X”. For a defense though, I’d bring up bowling where “XXX” is a very good thing and game shows where “XXX” can mean you’ve blown all 3 chances.

    I will defend your right to have XXX mean whatever you want it to. (just as long as you explain what you mean by it each time you use it…)

    I would like to add that I’m coming out of retirement to start a grassroots alternative to Exodus to be known as HomoNoMo. (It’s intended to ‘vex’ so, when spoken, it should rhyme with Geronimo.) After a proper probationary period, I will invite XXX Michael to head our publicity and events department. This will be a very challenging role since the entire movement will be online.

  3. Wanted to let everyone know that Eddy and others have finally convinced me. I have changed my mind about “change”! I have reconciled with my bad Dad and I am now officially an “ex-ex-ex-gay” (XXX) — meaning, of course, that I am “from-from-from-gay”. It’s been hard to avoid the soybeans and I-pods, but I think I can do it. Happy April first!

  4. I’m so in the “zone” that when I read that headline I believed it for about 3 seconds. My brain went to a cellphone/radiation connection. 😎

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