“Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-gay Movement” hits film festivals

Exgay Watch reports that the 2006 video Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-gay Movement will premiere in New York City on Wednesday, October 24.

I have previously reviewed this video but will give it another look over the next week and add comments in another post. I plan to make some comments about the harm that can result from some reparative therapy approaches and other misguided efforts to change sexual orientation.

One of my prinicipal concerns about Abomination is that the Shidlo and Schroeder study is treated as providing accurate and representative rates of change. Here is a clip from a Canadian talk show where Alicia Salzer again quotes the 4% change rate (as she did on the Montel Williams Show).

5 thoughts on ““Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-gay Movement” hits film festivals”

  1. Concerned –

    “This women is so off the wall and so agenda driven I have a hard time watching this.”

    I’m hoping that you are just as outraged at the administering of “shock therapy” to those who wish to attempted to change their orientation. Can you believe they used to do this stuff? It is an outrage, and I’m glad you had difficulty viewing it. It was astonishing for me to see how homosexuality is often perceived as some sort of deviance, when it is a natural variation of sexual behavior – some prefer to attempt to alter it to be more in line with their belief system, others don’t.

    Hopefully we never go so backwards as to stigmatize them as it used to be.

    Soon same-sex marriage, etc..will be as normal and noneventful as any other event, and we’ll be wondering what all the fuss was about.

  2. This women is so off the wall and so agenda driven I have a hard time watching this. I know The Hour is itself very one sided so in many ways this does not surprise me. I have not known the CBC to be balanced in anything dealing with homosexuality for about 20 years now so it should not surprise me.

  3. Ken–

    I’ll check that out. I’ve got a feeling that it’s the live-in programs that charge fees. $10,000 for non-professional therapy does sound a mite steep to me.

  4. Eddy said in post 55980:

    In my years with Exodus, no member agency was charging fees for services.

    Love in Action claims to be a member of Exodus. They charge fees that range in the thousands (although I don’t think they reach $10,000 for any single program).

  5. I also hope that the video makes a distinction that some of the therapies mentioned were not endorsed by Exodus or by typical ex-gay ministries. In the clip shown on the Canadian show, the first quote re shock therapy came from the journal of Jeff Ford. To my knowledge, Mr. Ford sought out professional therapy before coming to Outpost, an ex-gay ministry. It was the professional therapist(s) who recommended and administered the shock treatment. I was skeptical of such treatments from the beginning as were many of my colleagues.

    I’d also like to know more about that $10,000 conversation. In my years with Exodus, no member agency was charging fees for services. Was this a kid assuming a financial outlay and parents who didn’t bother to let him know he was way off track? Did Exodus agencies start charging fees? Or were these fees paid to a professional therapist?

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