Ex-gay Donnie McClurkin to tour with Barack Obama

The New York Times political blog (prob a must read for about the next year) is reporting that Barack Obama will woo religious conservatives with a gospel music concert series. I wonder if there will be any GLB fallout from Donnie McClurkin’s presence?

I have no interest in Obama as a candidate, but if I was in South Carolina, I would go. Can I get a witness!?

UPDATE: Some fallout has come from the announcement. Obama has distanced himself from McClurkin’s views. Now gay activists are calling on Obama to drop McClurkin.

3 thoughts on “Ex-gay Donnie McClurkin to tour with Barack Obama”

  1. i dont think there nothin wrong on what he said. people hate the truth adn when u hear it of course your natural recation is to get defensive about it. gay community needs to calm down cause he didnt say nothin about them all he was sayin was about a god took those feeling an desires away from him and deliverd him from that lifestyle. donnie didnt want that for him self which i dont blame him.

    see people like to put god in a box doubting him or just not beleiving in him period.i beleive there is a god.and i beleive jesus died on the cross for us all. iv seen with my on eyes god deliever peole from all kinda things.

  2. Mr. Mc Clurkin should return to his home town and ask his old neighborhood why people STILL think that he is gay, before some of his neighbors come right out and tell people about some of theithings he has been involved in over the last few years. I live in California and have heard plenty about him acros quite a few years. And the talk does not stop there.

  3. I can’t seem to find anything recent that McClurkin has said regarding homosexuality and his thoughts on it. My understanding was that he has been a Bush supporter in the past. Do you think perhaps this signals some kind of a mellowing, or perhaps rethinking, of his position? It would seem to me that something’s going on with him if he’s willing to provide some form of support for someone who has a different message than he. I like McClurkin, even though I don’t particularly agree with the stance we know he’s taken in the past.


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