Former graduate student suing Purdue over religious views

Jeffrey Ford, now a graduate of Purdue University Calumet, is suing his alma mater with the help of the Alliance Defense Fund. The school’s news service has this report.

Mike Adams, columnist and criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, has a six part series on this story as well. Read them in order: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part V, and today’s installment, Part 6.

Some readers here might question the facts and I certainly have no first hand knowledge of the events. I can say however, that I have observed just this kind of activity in graduate programs. I knew of one student in a grad programs who was told to keep his ex-gay status to himself lest he jeopardize his degree. I saw the email from an out of state professor with this threat. I would publish it but I do not have his permission. I have personally been the subject of namecalling and lies among colleagues who only had the barest knowledge of me or what I believed. So this sounds credible to me, although I should hasten to add that we have not yet heard all sides. If this goes to trial, no doubt we will hear from the professors and classmates of Mr. Ford.

All of which leads me to cheerlead again for the sexual identity therapy framework. If trainers had guidance from professional associations, we might not agree but we could co-exist.

UPDATE – 9/5/07 – Mike Adams concluding article is now available.