I will be on the Michelangelo Signorile show today

Tune in Tuesday, July 24, at 4:30pm eastern time on Sirius Radio for this live interview. I suspect we will discuss many topics but focus on the sexual identity therapy framework and the work of the APA.

UPDATE – Well, hope springs eternal. I thought we might get some kind of real dialogue about the merits of sexual identity therapy as opposed to reparative therapy. However, this did not happen. He chose to focus on making me defend a client’s right to maintain a religious persuasion that Signorile obviously dislikes. It seems clear to me that he sees evangelicalism as inherently bigoted so there is no place for such beliefs in his view. So the choir was preached to but still remains ignorant of honest attempts to grapple with real human conflicts.

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  1. I am a Sirius subscriber and have listened to Mike’s show many times. I like Mike, he exposes the gas bags and hypocrites of the far right! I like Mike feel the “ex gay” flakes are simply pawns of gay hating “Christian” conservatives. I have seen first hand the damage these ex gays can do, like causing my good friend Marco to slash his wrist because he couldn’t “change”.

  2. Ummm… Do I really need to comment about man working in porn meets much older woman, marries her and retires?

    I’m sure he found something about Margaret Whiting very attractive. But I don’t know the guy; maybe it was love.

  3. Not directly relevant to this thread, but I often why the ex-gay movement has never highlighted the Jack Wrangler story. Jack who? Jack Wrangler, the scion of a showbiz parents, became one of the first and most prominent gay porn stars in the 1970’s, both in film and on stage. Then one evening none other than 1940’s pop music star Margaret Whiting, 30 years his senior, attended one of his shows, and shortly thereafter let Jack know she wanted him. When he protested that he was gay, she replied “only around the edges, dear.” He continued to act in gay-and-bi porn for a few more years before retiring. Now married, he and Ms. Whiting have been together for over thirty years. Both of them are still friends of the gay community, and from what Jack admits, he is still not attracted to women, but just to ONE woman: Margaret Whiting.

    But that counts for something, now, doesn’t it?

  4. I had some hopes that he would see the differences between what I am proposing and other approaches. I learned something.

    What I took away from the encounter was that he disrespects any approach that respects a client’s religious view that sees homosexuality as inconsistent with church teaching.

    In other words, evangelicals, either change or go away.

  5. I don’t have Sirius, nor had I heard of Michael Signorile until I read about it here & saw his website. My ? to Dr. Throckmorton is why go on his show when you’re aware that Michael Signorile will rehash the same thing & the fact that Michael Signorile isn’t interested in discussing the topics?

  6. DANGIT!!!! And I’ve actually got Sirius. Sadly I won’t be in my work truck to hear it. Hopefully it ends up online like the CNN piece.

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