New York Magazine on married men who stray with men

The New York Magazine has a lengthy examination of a married man who seeks liaisons with men. The article by David Amsden provides an inside look at a man who remains anonymous but opens up a bit about his double life and is relevant to our recent discussions. Thanks to reader NickC for making me aware of the article.

Seems to me multiple “explanations” could be advanced for this situation. I found myself wondering what I might do with this man had he come in for counseling. His values were/are not religious but he seems as if he is intent on maintaining the duplicity. What are his values then? His marriage, his child, his social standing? I have worked with such folks; those who intently value their marriage look for a counselor who will assist them to remain married, even for reasons that are not religiously motivated. I am curious what readers think of counseling that collaborates with such men to maintain a marriage if that is indeed what they value most.