2 thoughts on “Changes at NARTH, PFOX”

  1. While both sides argue as to the best way to handle eachother – let’s remember that there have always been and will always be good people and bad people in any organization, movement, industry, religion, neighborhood etc…

    Blaming Alan for all the bad in ex gays or religious people is foolish. As well, holding Cohen out there as an example of all reparative therapists is foolish. Alan is doing an excellent job at handling some of the strange ideas and actions of other “ex gay” groups and ministries. And Cohen has been removed from association with reputable reparative therapist and ex gay organizations.

    Keeping in mind that all kinds of social groups, ideas, religious actions etc… go through changes and growing pains. School boards have removed unsavory characters who appeared genuine at one time. Businesses and industries install new procedures for hiring and employee review as conflicts arise. Families renegotiate what their roles and responsibilities are going to be to one and other continually. That Exodus International & NARTH have moved forward without others is a breath of fresh air. It shows integrity and genuine concern for their passion – to help others who are dissatisfied with same sex attraction.

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