7 thoughts on “ApRiL FOols DaY AnnOunCemeNt!”

  1. Like every good and obedient groupie, I looked for clues in your title. I looked at the capitalization…

    ARLFODYAICN… Nope. Nothing. What about the lower-case?

    piolsannunemet…. Nope. Nothing there either.

    I guess I’ll have to play a recording of your first single backwards. Wonder what it will say?….

  2. David – I don’t know man, I open for Donnie Davies two weekends from now. I am little nervous about it.

    And thanks for noticing the Fool…that’s our first single…

  3. Best of luck to you! I’m certain you will rub elbows with a better class of people on the road 😉

    Hey, I really like “The Fool Has Said.” Who is that?

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