5 thoughts on “Music video of the week: Coldplay – The Scientist”

  1. Okay… Okay…. OKAY!!!

    I admit it! There’s not a week goes by that I don’t play Coldplay’s albums, X&Y and Rush of Blood to the Head, at least twice.

    Now what?


  2. Coldplay has a way of mixing a melancholic melody with some rather driving rhythms during chord changes. It’s seems to be a strange mix, but it works. And sometimes I think that is the way of life.

  3. An amazing video from one of my favorite bands.

    Chris and I went to London in 2003, which instantly became My Favorite City In The Universe. Just give me a quarter of a chance to move….

    Anyway, Coldplay was insanely popular at the time. It seemed like wherever we went we heard them playing. Anytime we turned on Radio 1 or Virgin Radio at the hotel in the morning, or walked into a coffee shop or a reasonably hip store, no matter where we were, it seemed like we heard them everywhere.

    Today Coldplay, to me at least, is what London sounds like. It’s probably not literally true today, but nevertheless Coldplay always takes me there.

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