Certified Sexual Reorientation Coach

In Richard Cohen’s most recent media performance, he mentioned that he is a certified sexual reorientation coach. I looked this up on his website and learned that Richard is the lead certifier and, at present, probably the only CSRC in the world. That may soon change however, as the training program to become a CSRC begins this month and is open to “counselors, clergy, coaches and ministry leaders.” Becoming a CSRC involves the following:

The Counselor’s Training Program is for therapists, coaches, clergy, and ministry leaders who wish to assist those dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA). Training includes:

• Evaluating and developing a treatment plan for clients

• Four stages of healing unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA)

• Cognitive and inner child approaches to healing

• Creating affirmations for healing gender identity

• Psychodynamic/Therapeutic techniques for greater healing:

Focusing / Voice Dialogue / Bioenergetics / Psychodrama /

Family Constellations / Holding & Healthy Touch

• Assisting clients in establishing healthy friendships and mentors

• Understanding the meaning of sexual fantasies and masturbation

• Working with families: Attachment Therapy

• Strategies for family interventions and relational healing

• Preparing SSA men and women for dating

• Taking care of the therapist, preventing burn out

The total costs for the four weekends is $1400. It is not mentioned on the website, but I suppose the cost of the tennis raquet is not included in the fee. Pillows are probably included. I suspect a lighter version of this training will be offered for those who want to be an Assistant Coach.

It is clear that no one holding the CSRC “credential” could meet the sexual identity therapy guidelines. We developed the guidelines to help the public discriminate among approaches and we specifically discourage Cohen’s methods. The public needs some way to know what they are getting themselves into. In a reverse manner, the CSRC may actually serve a purpose. If a directory of CSRCs ever comes out, I will buy it so I can know who to avoid.

UPDATE: The term “certified sexual reorientation coach” has disappeared from Richard Cohen’s website. It is here in a Google cache for awhile. Mr. Cohen has responded to the fallout from his Daily Show performance which I will post soon.

4 thoughts on “Certified Sexual Reorientation Coach”

  1. And we know that those who can’t, teach what they cannot do and demand a good-sized fee to do it. Teaching those who might becomes he more lucrative business activity. The demand for learning how might be greater at this point in time than the demand for this “form of therapy.”

  2. Well we all know that certified snake oil is much more effective for what ails you than just regular old snake oil.

    For one, it starts with certified snakes.

  3. I am happy to see that you debunk him, and are attempting to create a distinction between sexual identity therapy and “sexual reorientation” coaching. My concern is that – much like other forms of therapy – this too will get lost in the language game…which is what Mr. Cohen is likely anticipating will happen. An uninformed consumer is his only hope. With his current book and all the media attention, he’s likely got clients lining up…or being forced to line up…to beat pillows and have a good non-gay man-to-man holding session on the couch.

    This is truly frightening stuff. His assertions of reorientation are not only erronious, but they are damaging to those who seek him to genuinely examine themselves. There seems like there should be some ethical standards which could censure him – or at least keep him claims in check.

    As for now, he joins the ranks of others making unsubstantiated claims, and steering the uninformed genuinely questioning individual down a dangerous path.

    Thank you for posting this.

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