Richard Cohen on the The Daily Show

It’s like deju vu all over again. Wanna be a CSRC? I kept wondering when Donnie Davies was going to appear.

UPDATE: 3/22/07 Randy Thomas of Exodus weighs in on the Daily Show appearance. The comments on his posts are interesting as well.

Also, You Tube has taken the video down as a result of their dispute with Viacom over copyrighted content.

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  1. Yikes! Pam…I almost forgot…

    I envy your ‘ex-gay’ friend! I appreciate the heart that comes through in everything you post. Glad to see you in this thread.

  2. Hey JAG! Hey ANN! Your recent comments forced me to go digging for this relic of my Throckmorton history. I received this friendly inquiry in response to my very first posting. I can laugh about it now….

    Ed, humor my curiosity if you will.

    I noticed that at one point in the past (1977 or thereabouts) you were pledged to celibacy and anticipating marriage fairly soon. I really don’t know much of your testimony since that time so please tell me, did that ever happen?

    Were you every able to reorient your sexuality so that now you are attracted solely to women and never to men? Did you marry?

    I notice that you favor therapy for that effort and wondered if that was based on personal success in such therapy? Do you know anyone personally who has actually changed attraction completely from the same sex to the opposite sex?

    Thanks, and I hope I’m not being too personal or asking too many questions.

    Not only was it my first blog here, it was my first blog ANYWHERE. What an initiation!

  3. Ann, I agree with you on this. However, I would extend this to all groups:

    “I just don’t think they want to explain themselves to those that question the validity of their decision or the life they are living now.”

    This is true for heterosexuals, those who consider themselves “ex-gay,” and those currently in a same-sex relationship.

  4. Hi Pam,

    I think you are right on target! Also, I just don’t think they want to explain themselves to those that question the validity of their decision or the life they are living now.

  5. P.S. I have a very dear and close ex-gay friend who considers the “ex-gay movement” to be an embarrassment. So….while my experience is limited, it’s not so limited that I’ve not encountered someone of the sort who would not be included in the statistics of which you speak.

    love and grace,


  6. Ann,

    I’m not answering for Timothy, but in my opinion, based on my limited experience, I think those folks may only agree to be included in statistics if the politics were removed from the “movement”. Many of those folks very likely may NOT be in favor of MANY of the other sorts of policies and political affiliations that those in the “movement” support. It is understandable that they don’t want to be affiliated with any “movement” in any way. They probably just want to go about their lives, and they may not care to associate or otherwise interfere with gay culture, and certainly not in a politically confrontational way. They probably just want to live their lives in peace.

    I don’t know. Maybe I’m way off-base, but maybe if the “movement” would concentrate on those they are helping and less on gays and politics….well….maybe they’d be more likely to participate in research and study.


  7. Hi Timothy,

    I am looking forward to someday having all those things be available to us – in spit of everything that is happening. I know of several people who will never talk openly about their personal decision to seek private therapy and are now in opposite sex relationships. How will we be able to factor this segment into reliable statistics?

  8. Realistic objectives, patient-based therapy, claims not spun for political consumption, responsible reporting, objective analysis of scientific research?

    Forget it, Warren, you’ll never get ’em to buy in. 😉

  9. It would be interesting to see sexual-orientation counselors develop an independent public voice, free from the sexual circus of Mr. Cohen and the angry politics of Joseph Nicolosi and Focus on the Family.

  10. wow – richard cohen is really unbelievable. For anyone who really believes reorientation is possible – they should really check out what their peers are doing. Richard’s antics are clearly unscientific (with wonderfully cute scientific names like “bioenergetics”), but the ridiculous nature of this is only equalled by some who run these so-called “straight camps.”

    I cannot recall his name, but the young boy who documented his time at a straight camp, reported such ridiculous things as not having designer underwear (I guess only gay men would be concerned about this), using a rubber band to snap your wrist (self-injury?) when having gay thoughts, and learning “man things” like football to increase a sense of masculinity (thinking masculine men could not be gay?).

    These remind me of early attempts at curing other ailments – before you know it, reorientation therapists will be shaking a rattle covered with beads and dancing naked in front of a campfire to change sexuality….

    to be honest, it’d be an improvement.

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