Soy and fathers of gay men?

A new study out today in the Journal of Amazing Facts sheds new light on the origins of homosexuality. The study by a team from the Univerity of Albigensia found that as infants, fathers of gay men were fed soy-based formula significantly more often than were the fathers of straight men. In other words, the weaning experience of the fathers of men in the study group significantly impacted the sexual orientation of their sons. No differences were reported for daughters.

In an interview, lead researcher, Dirk Tofusco, MD, commented, “So it really is the fathers fault, just not in the way we always imagined. We are postulating a paternal, hormonal transfer theory. Soy formula may demasulinize the fathers’ sperm thus leading to more feminine boys.”

Elsewhere, the government of France announced a crackdown on Soy Bars. The trendy hotspots serve soy-based drinks and have been blamed for the decline of masculinity of French men.

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  1. I wanted to look up this study, but our local university library doesn’t carry this journal. I had hoped to be able to delve into the data because I suspect the data for the demasculinized fathers will exhibit a very small effect size.

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