NEA not happy about leaks

Word from the NEA is that Reg Weaver, NEA prez, is not happy about the press reports regarding the NEA support for gay marriage. Someone on site reports are that he is using foul language from the podium in expressing his ire over the matter. The NEA flip-flop is stunning given the fact that the union should experience no difficulty getting supportive language passed at their Delegate Assembly. At least one gay blogger seems to think the NEA has caved but I suspect the original language will return.

UPDATE: An eye witness on the scene in Orlando tells me that NEA president, Reg Weaver, in a public meeting, today held up a copy of the American Family Association newsletter announcing the NEA resolution language supporting gay marriage and said, “This is a crock of s–t!” Very strange. All the delegates have to do is look at their resolutions book and see that the new resolution language has changed.