NEA running from original stance on gay marriage.

As reported below, the NEA seems to have created a firestorm of resistance in some quarters over the proposed resolution to support gay marriage.

The original resolution was delivered to delegates at their winter meeting, Feb 23-25 of this year. There was no fuss until a delegate alerted the American Family Association and then all of a sudden the language was changed.

The Alabama Education Association seems to read things differently than the Ohio EA . And in contrast to NEA president Reg Weaver’s statement that the NEA has no position on gay marriage, the CA Education Association does.

7 thoughts on “NEA running from original stance on gay marriage.”

  1. Ivan,

    What does celebrating Truth, Faith, Life have to do with same-sex marriage? I’m guessing that same-sex couples want to celebrate those very same things!

  2. Dr. Throckmorton:

    The quote in my post (from your website) pretty much covers everything — Whether you come to gay marriage because of your faith, or what you believe promotes life, in whatever aspect you think is right. Either way, nothing implies anywhere that you only blog, think or write about just RT.


  3. Anonymous:

    if you look on Dr. Throckmortons website, you’ll see his little emblem that states: “Celebrating Truth, Faith and Life”. That should explain it.


  4. Is anyone really surprised that Alabama would have a different take on this issue than California?

  5. Dr. Throckmorton,

    I don’t understand what gay marriage has to do with Reparative Therapy. I thought you were of the mind that Reparative Therapy should divorce itself from political agendas? Or is it true that this type of therapy is first about politics and second about helping people?

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