James Dobson reveals what he knows about Harriet Miers

Well, at least he reveals that he knows some folks who took themselves out of consideration for the Supreme Court. I am not sure that conservatives will be mollified much. It also makes Miers look like she was on the list but not first choice. Oh well, it is all fun to fuss about but it matters little; Bush has made his choice and he will stick with it. I do not see a scenario that has her being Borked. Unless of course she says she made a deal on Roe.

4 thoughts on “James Dobson reveals what he knows about Harriet Miers”

  1. If Bush & Co. were so concerned about getting votes and money, they certainly were dumb with this nomination.

  2. Maybe the evangelicals will figure out what the rest of us always knew: that Bush & Co. say what they have to in order to get their votes, but once in office they serve only the god of money.

    Bush spent all his alleged political capital on Iraq, tax breaks for the rich and corporations, pork for Halliburton, and nuking social security. He didn’t save any political capital to give the Christians what they want. Too bad for them if they were gullible. Let’s hope they have learned not to blindly trust every Republican.

  3. That is sooooooooo straight out of the mouth of Karl Rove. Most of the other candidates withdrew because the confirmation process is too “vicious?” Gimme a break. It is a barely concealed attempt to blame the Meiers nomination on Democrats. Pul-leeze! Wanna bet the wingnuts will swallow it?

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