Seventeen magazine backs off major story

Seventeen magazine has a brief story this month with the title, “Can gays go straight?” No one has ever accused Seventeen of containing serious journalism, although I did expect more from Cara Nissman, the author. Saying she was working on a story that would bring in all perspectives, Cara interviewed me by phone while I was at Disney World hiking around the park in 98 degree weather. We talked twice altogether and I spoke with her editor as well. However, the article turned into a page on Wade Richards coming out story with no other perspectives. So add Seventeen to the list of media outlets that tackled the change issue only to lose the wrestling match. When I spoke to the editor, it was clear to me that she was not comfortable with the idea that some people experience change in aspects of sexuality. Perhaps, given the brevity of the article and singular focus on Richards, she didn’t think her readers could handle nuance.