Anti-gay reaction to David Kato’s death

Various actors in the Anti-Homosexuality Bill saga have made statements and provided their own spin on the death of David Kato.

In this BBC segment, Martin Ssempa provides comment. Ssempa says the reason for Kato’s death is “gay on gay bashing.” Given his brush with the legal system, perhaps Ssempa has taken up investigating crime and has it all figured out. Otherwise, the BBC segment is worth viewing in that it again demonstrates the difficult situation for Ugandan GLBT people.

David Bahati uses Kato’s death to continue to bash gays and essentially says Kato brought his death on himself. UG Pulse says Bahati “mourns” Kato. Not.

He [Bahati] says though his death may have had nothing to do with his acts, it has everything to do with the financial resources set to these individuals by donors, which could have attracted the attention of the assailants.

The MP says the Police should not only investigate Kato’s death, but also dismantle the illegal networks, particularly financial, which are being used to facilitate gay activities in Uganda, especially in schools.In Uganda most people feel like vomiting when they come across gay practitioners or activists.

The tabloid, The Red Pepper, appears to be singing off the same sheet of music as Ssempa.

And then this piece in the Uganda Record asserts that Kato supported Museveni’s opposition, implying perhaps that Kato’s murder related to political reasons.

And then there is this doozy from Scott Lively who often leaves me temporarily speechless.