Mark Driscoll Plagiarism Controversy Rated #3 Plagiarism Scandal of 2013

According to plagiarism software maker Ithenticate, the Driscoll controversy ranks at #3 of the top five stories in 2013. Here is the list:

#5 – German Bundestag President Norbert Lammert and Taiwanese National Defense Minister Andrew Yang
#4 – Jane Goodall
#3 – Marc Driscoll
#2 – Shia LaBeouf
#1 – Rand Paul

Go read the article to learn more about each story. About the Driscoll scandal, the post author Jonathan Bailey writes:

Takeaway: The actual allegations against Driscoll were not particularly spectacular, just a few passages in a book and a few ideas in another. However, the fallout was very large, in particular in the religious community, partly because of Driscoll’s position as a polarizing religious and political thinker, but also because of the allegations he worked to silence the criticism against him. True or not, the scandal raised serious questions about journalism in matters of religion and those questions will not likely die away any time soon.\

I agree that the story raised serious questions about religious journalism, but I would not stipulate that the allegations were not “spectacular.” There are more than a few passages and ideas involved. In any event, the story made an impression on people in this community which accounts for its inclusion in this post.
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