What Would Redemption Look Like on Other Planets?

On Friday, the Daily Mail (UK) ran a story about a new study which suggests that Jupiter may have influenced Earth’s climate in the distant past. A benefit of the study is that it may help astronomers find planets which could sustain human-like life.  It appears that many such planets exist in the “Goldilocks zone,” (not too hot, not too cold, but just right!) including one reported in late March.
I suspect there are such planets and I can believe they may be inhabited.
I doubt I’ll ever find out in my lifetime, but it is fun to speculate what the redemption story would look like on these planets. Among Christians, the Fall, Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter make up the narrative we know. What would the story be like for self-conscious life on other planets? In the 1940s, C.S. Lewis explored the matter in science fiction (e.g., Perelandra), but in the present day, knowledge has advanced to the point where there is evidence that such planets exist. For those of us who believe in the “God of wonders beyond our galaxy,” the theology of other planets is a fascinating thought experiment.
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