More Fruits of David Barton's Labor

I suspect this RNC state committeewoman is in Israel if her scheduled permitted.
Tamara Scott is a member of the Republican National Committee from Iowa who has heard David Barton speak. On a radio program (video is on YouTube) called a View from the Pew, Scott lamented the removal of mandatory prayer from the public schools. RWW excerpted a segment of the program, watch:
At about 55 seconds into this clip, Scott cites David Barton’s “studies and research” which show that schools used to deal with “gum, tardiness and talking.” Now she says, the crimes are “assault, rape and murder.” Long time readers of this blog will know that violent crime spiked in the mid-1990s but has fallen dramatically since then. Barton frequently claims that crime has gone up nearly 700% since Bible reading and prayer were removed from the schools. Not true.
There are more shenanigans. The clip opens up with one of the hosts saying America was founded as a “Protestant republic.” The RNC committeewoman agrees.
She said we never should have allowed prayer to be taken out of our schools. Actually, if students want to pray in schools, they can. God does not need to have the permission of the school teachers for a student to pray.
She opposes the stronger anti-bullying bill in Iowa and doesn’t believe Iowa should have the statute already on the books.
Some within the church question why I believe David Barton’s distorted history matters. Ms. Scott illustrates why it is scandalous for evangelicals to feature Barton’s narratives as being historically sound. It was scandalous when Southern Baptist president Ronnie Floyd hosted Barton last week at his business lunch meeting, the Summit. And it is scandalous that a group of PA pastors will feature Barton as a celebrated historian in March.
Politically, if the RNC has been taken over by Christian nation campaigners then there is no reason to spend a dime on a primary season. Just hand the keys to Hillary; it is over.