Uganda now says it doesn’t discriminate against gays; AP says the bill has been shelved

Which part of this post’s headline do you believe?

Here is the link to the AP article in the Washington Post.

Simon Lokodo appears to be in a bit of trouble now that he has broken up a couple of legal meetings of LGBT people. It appears that Lokodo had the green light to harass gays but now he is on his own.

I am aware that Stephen Tashobya, the committee chair of the committee where the bill sits thinks there are better things to do than mess with the anti-gay bill. However, it is just wrong, as the AP article says, to say that the bill has been shelved. Why do so many reporters rush to do something with the bill that the Parliament has not done?

In short, I don’t believe either part of my headline.

Here is a link to the Government statement.