The Gathering Follower Ed Cash Sent Reporter a Dear Bob Song

What about the Bob song?
Ruth Graham got Bob Smietana to play the song Ed Cash sent to him in place of an interview about Cash’s involvement in The Gathering.  Go read about it at The Atlantic.
And if the above sentence didn’t make any sense, then you need to read this and then Bob’s article on The Gathering.
Perhaps, Cash meant the song to come off as whimsical but it actually is more like creepy and very odd.
I will say again, it is troubling to me that Chris Tomlin has allowed Wayne Jolley to place his name on songs Jolley didn’t help write.

The Atlantic Asks Can Megachurches Handle Mega Money? Puts Focus on Mark Driscoll Controversy

Ruth Graham, writing for The Atlantic, follows the money in the Mark Driscoll controversy over his Real Marriage book. She does a really fine job of bringing together many details to put the spotlight on pastors with all the trappings of celebrity status.
Graham raises important questions about transparency in financial and other matters which are at the heart of much of the strife at Mars Hill currently. As I noted in my post on the by-laws, the decision making authority, including regarding the elders’ compensation is concentrated in seven people, three of whom are staff. The potential for conflicts of interest seems great.
I encourage you to read and tweet the article.

Janet Mefferd Breaks Silence in Slate Article on Driscoll Controversy

Janet Mefferd has drifted into the background since her apology for her on-air actions with Mark Driscoll on her November 21 broadcast.  Today, in an article on Slate by Ruth Graham, Mefferd breaks her silence on the Driscoll controversy.
Mefferd is clear that she continues to believe Driscoll’s books inappropriately used material from other sources and that he needs to make it right. Go on over to Slate and read the article.