Could There Be a More Perfect Tweet?

If there’s a tweeting contest for 2017, I enter fellow Patheos blogger Hemant Mehta’s tweet.

The layers of this tweet would take political pundits many hours on CNN, FOX, and CNBC to unravel. At once, it nails Donald Trump and Roy Moore and succinctly expresses their immaturity and incompetence. And it captures the Twilight Zone that is our current national government.
Here is a screen cap of the tweet with Trump’s tweet in case it all doesn’t show up in the embedded tweet above.
childish tweet
For those who have been vacationing off planet, the Roy Moore story has taken social media by storm. He has denied molesting a 14 year old girl when he was in his 30s but the Washington Post story was well researched and has numerous GOP colleagues calling for him to get out of the Alabama Senate race. Now he has threatened to sue the Post.
I doubt he will sue. He and his accusers would testify under oath. If everything is as it seems to be, his accusers would debunk the stories about money changing hands in exchange for their story.  In print and subsequent interviews, his accusers seem credible. Furthermore, Moore would have to take the stand. He hasn’t been terribly convincing with his public statements. I don’t think it would go well for him unless of course he is completely innocent.
In this story, the shocking thing isn’t that people believe he could be innocent. False allegations do happen. Sometimes accusers lie. Many people only know Moore in a context where he is an honorable public servant. Naturally, they want to believe the best about him. What has been shocking to me is that too many Republican leaders have said they would support him even if the allegations were true.