Former Mars Hill Church Pastors Announce the Formation of Redemption Church in Seattle

Ryan Kearns and Drew Hensley, two of the nine pastors who called on Mark Driscoll to enter a elder supervised restoration plan, are starting a new church in Seattle. Earlier today, Kearned tweeted an announcement of the formation of Redemption Church.

A New Church Family Forming In North Seattle
Our hope for Redemption Church is that we would be a tangible place where people see the grace of God lived out in the life of his people. That as we make disciples and love each other, our city would be attracted to the transforming story of God’s redemption that is offered in the good news of the Gospel. We pray deeply that we are a safe place for everyone, the skeptic, the tired, the wounded, the religious, and the confused. That we would trust Jesus to do his work and thank him for letting us watch him show off.

Kearns and Hensley took a risk by voicing their concerns about Mars Hill leadership and eventually left the church in the fallout. Hensley’s University District campus was closed recently and Kearns was laid off in the most recent wave of downsizing.
In this new endeavor, I hope they get time to process their experiences of the past few years. I also wish the best for them and this effort.