Pulpit Freedom Sunday: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

Pulpit Freedom Sunday is this coming Sunday.
Religious right groups want ministers to preach about politics on Sunday to the point telling their flocks who they commend for various political offices.
I hope this does not catch on.
It may be Constitutional, but it doesn’t seem good. Churches have a job to do that can be hindered by ministers exercising this right. I have been in churches where such a freedom would split a church. Congregants who think like the pastor of politics might feel empowered but those who don’t could feel intimidated in their own church family.
Ministers, think twice before you make politics more important than the flock. I Corinthians raises some valid teaching about offending others with your liberty. If refusing meat offered to idols was a consideration in the early church, it seems to me that refusal to use a right to speak your mind on politics would be in modern America.