Feminists campaign with Palin in Nevada; media covers clothes budget

Ok, I am trying to figure this out.
Yesterday five prominent Democrat feminists campaigned with Sarah Palin in Henderson, NV.

Palin was joined on stage by five women who endorsed her candidacy, including two members of the Democratic National Platform Committee, two leaders of chapters of the National Organization of Women, and a former editor of Ms. Magazine [Elaine Lafferty].
Lynn Rothschild, a Democratic National Platform Committee member and prominent supporter of Sen. Clinton, had endorsed the McCain-Palin ticket in September, but had not appeared publicly with Palin. Prameela Bartholomeusz also served on the Democratic Platform Committee..
Palin was also joined by Linda Klinge, the current vice president of the Oregon Chapter of the National Organization for Women. Shelly Mandell, president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women, also appeared in Henderson, and had previously endorsed Palin at a public rally in Carson, CA earlier this month.

This event was the subject of 20 some articles, mostly on the blogs of reporters covering the campaign.
However, Sarah Palin’s clothes budget garnered major network coverage, an Associated Press article, and all told over 90 articles that I found in a quick search.
And let Peggy Noonan, engage in elitist dismissals of Sarah Palin and the media are all ears (more than 90 articles, I quit counting).