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If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then what does a little daily Driscoll keep away?
You can find out by signing up for the catchy sounding “It’s all about Jesus! Daily Devotionals with Mark Driscoll.” MD Ministries proclaims:

The plan at present is to launch Daily Devotionals very soon. Thank you to everyone who sent in some good ideas for what to name this. It is something that I hope to continue doing for a long time and here is the plan:

It’s All About Jesus! Daily Devotionals with Mark Driscoll 

If you register here we will send you a free email once a day, Monday through Friday. It will contain Jesus-centered Bible teaching that you can read in a few minutes.

Driscoll is still liking his new Phoenix home. Word is he working toward a church plant in a northern suburb of Phoenix. His non-profit (Mark Driscoll Ministries) is now safely moved to that area.


The address is an UPS store in a mall in northeast Phoenix.