Ten Years of Blogging: A Birther Post Brings Almost 3,000 Comments

Through the years, commenters have come and gone and at times the discussion is vigorous. The post with the most comments was a news item on a case regarding President Obama’s birth certificate (remember that?). At risk of starting a long series of comments from birthers, truthers and their opponents, I link to the post with nearly 3,000 comments.
Berg was trying to prevent the electoral college from voting on Obama’s electoral victory. However, eventually Justice Souter ruled as follows:

UPDATE: 12/10/08 – Late yesterday, Justice Souter denied Berg’s request to stop the Electoral College from voting for Obama.

The post became a place for all kinds of conspiracy theories and I let go on because I of my interest in confirmation bias. Someone in the grip of an idea will often hold on no matter how much contrary evidence is presented.
Note: I didn’t add the link until just now on Friday evening. Sorry for the inconvenience.