Rick Joyner: The Only Hope For America Is A Military Takeover

Right Wing Watch posted a video clip of Rick Joyner telling his audience that the only hope for America is a takeover of the government by the military.  Watch the clip:

This clip is taken from his 20 minute sermon titled, “Has Democracy Failed.” Curious about the context of this clip, I watched the entire talk and found that the context, while at times confusing, is consistent with the plain meaning of his words. I can’t embed it here but for those who want to see fear mongering done well, I recommend you watch it. Joyner, who leads the Oak Initiative, very calmly tells his audience that the republic is doomed because people aren’t religious anymore and because of the 17th Amendment, we elect our Senators via popular vote. Prior to the passage of the 17th Amendment, state legislatures appointed Senators.
Then he says that things are so bad that our only hope is a military takeover. To catch the context of the RWW clip, go to about 7:40 into the video. At 7:50, Joyner says:

I believe our only hope is a military takeover, martial law and that the crucial, most crucial element of that is who the marshal is going to be. I believe there are noble leaders in our military that love the republic and love everything we stand for, and they could seize the government. I’m not advocating this, I’m just telling you what could happen. They could seize it and help restore the foundations, restore the Constitution.

On one hand he says he is not advocating it, but on the other hand, he says that the takeover is our “only hope.” I think most people would get the message that he hopes it happens and thinks it should “to restore the Constitution.”
The rest of the video is a rambling explanation that a third great awakening is coming somehow and some revisionist history involving Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.
Rick Joyner is kind of a big deal in dominionist circles. Look at the members of his Oak Initiative board. You will find some influential and visible leaders of evangelical groups. A person of his stature calling for martial law and military takeover is a frightening development. I hope Christian media and his peers call him out on this irresponsible rhetoric.