There Have Been Terror Attacks in Sweden — by Donald Trump's Supporters

On Saturday, Donald Trump claimed that something terrible happened in Sweden on Friday night.
Problem: There was no terror attack in Sweden on Friday night. Social media mocked Trump for conjuring another false story (Last Night in Sweden).
Then today he tweeted that he saw that “news” on a Fox News program in which a guest claimed refugees are behind an increase in crime in Sweden (except that crime there is steady).

Sweden has taken in large numbers of refugees much to the consternation of far right neo-Nazis. In fact, a Swedish neo-Nazi group, the Nordic Resistance Movement has been responsible for carrying out acts of aggression in response to the influx of refugees. They also engaged in a victory rally for Donald Trump after he won the U.S. presidential election. So yes, there has been some acts of violence in Sweden, but at least some of them carried out by those who support our president.