Hannity guest says Obama bigger disaster than 9/11

Last night, I was flipping channels looking for the Yankees-Tigers playoff game (Go Tigers!) and as I went through FOX, I heard this guy say that President Obama is a bigger disaster than 9-11. I didn’t recognize him but later found out his name is Neal Boortz, apparently a talk show host. I figured someone would have the footage up this morning and here it is:

 Boortz said:

Killing three thousand people is a tragedy, Sean. It is a real tragedy. But, killing the individualism, the self-reliance, and the self respect of the American people like Barack Obama has done is much more of a tragedy.

Conservatives have such a short memory. Remember the Bush is Hitler controversies that conservatives rightly decried? Boortz’s comments are on the same order and should have been confronted immediately by Hannity.
What an offensive comparison; mostly to anyone who lost a friend or family member on 9/11. However, Boortz also offends Americans in general. By his comments, Boortz demonstrates such a low view of Americans. Obama’s term has not been a good one on balance in my view, but are American virtues so fragile that a one-term President can kill them?