Donald Sterling is not a Democrat and other reactions from the Twitter feed

By now, many people know that Los Angeles Clippers soon-be-former owner Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA due to his comments to his girlfriend berating her for hanging out with black people. He isn’t so great when it comes to how he treats women either but I don’t think that had any impact on his sanctions.
Some conservatives tried to paint Sterling as a Democrat. For instance, Conservative Chick tweeted:

American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer joined in:

However, according to the LA Times, he hasn’t donated to Dem pols in over a decade and is a registered Republican:

Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon congratulated NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for his leadership: has a collection of NBA tweets.
Alas, this tweeter said:

Andy Borowitz analyzes the situation:

On the Sterling is a Democrat thing, apparently Matt Drudge beat that drum but has now removed his tweet to that effect.