Another Indication K-LOVE May Not Need Your Money

KLOVE nascar
In addition to the hefty salaries earned by K-LOVE’s management (CEO well over half-million), the giant Christian radio network sponsors a Nascar car.
According Business Insider, Nascar sponsorship is expensive. Check out this image:
According to the picture on K-LOVE’s website, the network has the premium logo locations and thus must be paying some serious coin to run with that crowd. Even if another party is helping to fund the sponsorship, the money is still being directed away from services to people.

UPDATE: Please see the comments section for some additional information. In a nutshell, Leavine Family Racing may be providing some of the funding for this car and K-LOVE may only be involved in four races, thus reducing the costs of advertising. 

I know it is marketing but if K-LOVE’s marketing budget allows for Nascar sponsorship, then I doubt they are going to close down stations if widows and people on fixed incomes don’t give their “easy” gift of $40/month. ¬†Also, many small local churches who can barely afford to put an ad in the local paper need the donations more than K-LOVE does. Food pantries and kitchens just get by, especially during the summer months.