Local media coverage of the NARTH conference

The Phoenix Fox affiliate filed a report late yesterday. According to the reporter NARTH claims to be a non-religious group.

NARTH: Gays Can Get Therapy to Become Straight: MyFoxPHOENIX.com

Perhaps Julie Hamilton did not say that NARTH was non-religious but the reporter said:

NARTH denies it has anything to do with Christian groups who believe homosexuality can be reversed.

To which, Julie Hamilton said.

“NARTH is a scientific organization. We are dedicated to understanding the research behind the issue of homosexuality,” said Hamilton.

As a former participant in NARTH conferences, I can say via first hand information that religious groups are well represented at NARTH. NARTH has always been considered a partner of religious groups such as Focus on the Family.
Also, who recommends NARTH besides religious groups? In what setting is someone likely to learn of the existence of NARTH? And as noted here recently, NARTH’s membership is made up primarily of non-professionals. Only about a quarter of the membership have professional credentials.
Furthermore, if NARTH is a scientific organization dedicated to research, then why have two anti-gay religious activists been given speaking time?
So maybe Julie Hamilton didn’t actually say NARTH has nothing to do with Christian groups, but if she did or implied it, I suspect that would be a surprise to at least three-quarters of NARTH members.