"I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage"

Reading the now removed post of Julietta Appleton on Obamatravel.org, I was really struck by her devotion to Barack Obama. I used to run a private practice in counseling as she apparently does, and I had a hard time getting away for a week’s vacation. The business suffers and your clients are put on hold (6 weeks!?). Here is what she posted:
Note that she says she has no money but she needs to get her man elected. I like McCain-Palin but I am not going to wreck my career over the election.
And then there is this young woman who is clearly emotional, but believes that Obama will end her financial worries.

When expectations that high are dashed, it can be very painful. I am sad when I hear people who are banking their personal well being on a political solution. I don’t know either of these women so I am willing to assume that their situations are more complex and that after the campaign, they may come back to a more realistic perspective. Hope so…