Mars Hill Leaders May Enter Mediation with Group of 20 Former Pastors

There may be some movement on the request from 20 former Mars Hill pastors to mediate differences with current leadership (see links below). However, one of the leaders of the movement has no illusions based on recent events.
Kyle Firstenberg recently provided this update on his Facebook page and gave me permission to reprint it.

Many months ago, “the 20 elders” sent a letter to the Executive Elders of MHC along with the BOAA requesting mediation for the outstanding issues and unrepentant sin. It has been a slow process but there is finally movement. An outside company has been hired to mediate the issues at hand. I am hopeful that all sides can be heard, sin can be repented of and that an entire culture can be changed.
Although I am hopeful, a good place to start on the MH side would be to stop firing Godly pastors who have unanswered questions. As long as they continue to sin against others, I will continue to bring that sin into the light.

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