MassResistance links to Anti-Homosexuality Bill then misleads readers about it

Earlier today, anti-gay group MassResistance posted a link to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and then misled their readers about what is in it. In a message to supporters, MassResistance said this about the Ugandan bill:

* The proposed Ugandan law that has liberals here in America so incensed proposed harsh punishments for those who knowingly expose people to AIDS and adults who seduce children or people with mental disabilities into homosexual sex acts. It’s not far out of line with most people’s sensibilities. But nevertheless, Lively did not propose the law; he simply told Ugandans his observations of the homosexual agenda.

Guess I’m a liberal.

I wonder if many of their readers will click through and read the bill. If they do, they will find that, in addition to the behaviors noted by MassResistance, people engaging in consensual adult homosexuality would receive the death penalty if they were repeat offenders or had HIV (even if unknown to them). They would also find this section of the bill:

2. The offence of homosexuality.

(1) A person commits the offence of homosexuality if-

(a) he penetrates the anus or mouth of another person of the same sex with his penis or any other sexual contraption;

(b) he or she uses any object or sexual contraption to penetrate or stimulate sexual organ of a person of the same sex;

(e) he or she touches another person with the intention of committing the act of homosexuality.

(2) A person who commits an offence under this section shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for life.

Apparently MassResistance does not view life in prison for two consenting adults intimately touching each other to be a harsh penalty. In addition, MassResistance does not tell readers that the bill would criminalize free speech and freedom of assembly, and would provide criminal penalties for failure to turn in gay people to the authorities.

MassResistance also tells readers that the Pink Swastika is well researched.   Well, I would say it differently. It seems to me that Lively and Abrams had to work very hard to read some of their sources and overlook the material which disconfirmed what they believed. Their selective citations were meticulous in some cases (see this one for example). For more on the book, see this page.

MassResistance refers readers to the WorldNetDaily tribute to the Pink Swastika but fails to tell their supporters that references to the Pink Swastika were removed from websites hosted by Campus Crusade for Christ, Exodus International, and the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. WorldNetDaily also told their readers that the only people who dislike the book are gays. I suspect CCC, Exodus and NARTH will be surprised to learn that they are liberal gay organizations?

MassResistance also wants you to believe Scott Lively got a raw deal from the Boston Globe. Given the couple of things I have pointed out, you should check it out for yourself.