PFLAG claims Palin singled out a pro-gay book to remove

Today, PFLAG on their blog has this headline: “PFLAGer’s Book Targeted by Palin”. However, the ABC News report said to support this contention does not do so. Some people did not like the book “Pastor, I am gay” but the town librarian did not recall being asked to remove any book. The ABC News account reports the controversy in Wasilla and Palin’s question in a way that could link them in the minds of viewers but the librarian at the time said Palin did not ask about the book. Anne Kilkenny, of email fame appears on the ABC News report.

Bottom line is that we seem to have a conflict of memory between Mary Ellen Emmon (now Baker) and the reporter Paul Stuart in a story reportedly found in a local paper in 1996. I am having trouble locating it but Mr. Stuart says one thing and Mary Ellen Emmon says another, as reported by Bent Alaska. The city of Wasilla has posted a statement regarding the matter.
The PFLAG claim is a little thin and according to a Library Journal analysis out yesterday, there is no evidence she targeted any specific books, saying

PolitiFact concludes that, because Stuart’s account is secondhand, and his recollection seems hazy, and there is no corroboration from Baker or any public records, there is “no basis to find that part of the story true.” Still, the new information presented likely will be fodder for questions posed to Palin in upcoming press interviews.