Mark Driscoll's Leadership Coaching: Taking Up Where He Left Off

driscoll leadership 2011 headingToday, Mark Driscoll offered several former coaching videos on his website. These are videos he developed in 2011 with the offer of leadership coaching materials through The Resurgence website. This 2011 email gives the details.
Above is an image of the email heading. The content is below:

From Pastor Mark Driscoll:
Being a leader is wonderfully complicated. Whether it’s leading in family, business, or ministry, leaders face particular challenges that make simultaneous joy and fruitfulness difficult.
By the grace of God, I would like to help if I can. So, I’m starting something new called “Leadership Coaching with Pastor Mark.” It is a free ongoing subscription service we are providing to anyone who signs up. We will ask for a bit of personal data so that we can know who subscribes, which will enable me to get the most helpful content to you. For example, if we have a lot of church planters, student ministry leaders, preachers, business leaders, small group leaders, or worship leaders, I can target my coaching content to help those people most effectively. We will not sell or share your personal information and will not continually bombard you with requests or promotions.
Who Can Sign Up
1. Any Christian leader — This can be parents leading their kids, business leaders leading their employees, unpaid ministry leaders leading others to Jesus, and paid ministry leaders leading other leaders. Also, students in high school, Bible college, university, seminary, and so on, are welcome to sign up.
2. Any Christian — Bible-believing, Jesus-loving leaders from any church, denomination, or theological tribe are welcome to sign up. You don’t have to agree with me on everything to sign up. I love you and if I can serve you, I’d be honored to.
3. Any gender — Females and males alike are welcome.
4. Any nation — Wherever you are, we welcome you.
What You Will Get
1. A weekly short video of me—shot informally on my laptop—with one big idea for leaders. At times, I will also interview other Christian leaders as I travel. For those who do not have access to high-speed Internet and find video files difficult to download, we are also expecting to transcribe each post into text to make it easier for you to access.
2. Content you cannot get anywhere else. This content will be restricted, exclusive, and not posted anywhere else on the Internet by me. I expect to cover such topics as how to get and stay organized for effectiveness, how to stay connected to your family and friends, how to deal with your critics, how to watch your overall health, how to deal with despair and depression, how to study Scripture most efficiently, how to lead an organization, how to evaluate people’s giftedness to help them find the best way to serve God, how to navigate culture as a missionary, and more. As you can see, the content will be very practical.
3. Chances to win free gifts, such as books, that we will give away to winners from the subscription list.
4. Research briefs prepared by academics. I am blessed with a team of professors/researchers spanning multiple disciplines that I contract for work in areas such as demographics and sociology. Examples include work on giving trends, sexuality, marriage and divorce, and the spiritual lives of younger people. I will give away for free some of these studies and summaries to help function as a research assistant to those on the subscription list.
5. First access to and discounts on some conferences and events, books, and other products.

Also today, Sutton Turner said this about the decision to hire ResultSource as a means to elevate Mark Driscoll’s book Real Marriage up the New York Times Best Seller list:

 I do know that it [the decision to hire ResultSource] showed that the process of making big decisions was broken and it needed to be fixed.

Both of these events — leadership coaching, and the Result Source decision — took place in 2011.