Fake Story Of Jeremiah Steepek Posted On David Barton's Wallbuilders Facebook Page

With this caption — Church Members Mistreat Homeless Man in Church Unaware It Is Their Pastor in Disguise — David Barton’s Wallbuilders Facebook page posted the pretend story of a pastor who dressed as a homeless man in order to make a point to his church. The fictional story has been debunked by Snopes and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. I can’t find any indication in the post that Barton realizes that the story is false.
Once he realizes what he has done, he will probably say he knew it was a fiction story all along. However, of real interest to me is the discussion on the post. Multiple commenters have posted that the story is false and some are upset about it. In this discussion thread, one can see how people respond to finding out something that they thought was true is not really true. Some are disillusioned, some defend Barton, some say the accuracy doesn’t matter because it is a nice story and others indicate that truth and accuracy do matter when the story has been portrayed as true. Some seem to believe it anyway. Credibility is the issue.
He also tweeted the false story without comment:

We’ve been around this block many times with Mr. Barton. Let’s see how he handles this one.