Robert Morris Speaks Conception in Mother's Day Sermon

This weekend, Robert Morris dropped his new book Truly Free at all Gateway Church locations. My understanding is that the book is on “deliverance” or healing illnesses, including mental illness. I intend to scrutinize those sections. This is the book where he claimed to have a “doctorate of literature.”
This is also Mother’s Day weekend. Morris preached a sermon about mothers and ended it with a prayer for women who want a child but have not been able to have one. There are many men and women who loath these days for various reasons and one thing I have learned is that there is almost nothing that makes any of that better other than the next day coming. Because of the sorrow involved, I understand the impulse of a pastor is to do something to demonstrate compassion.
Having said that, I question whether today, or any day, is a good day for this “name it, claim it” intervention.
Morris here (at 1:45) says, “I speak conception”

If you’re desiring, maybe you’re a mother desiring to have another child, that’s fine too.  Or you don’t have a child but if you’re married and you’re desiring to have a child whether it’s another child or a child now would you just stand up.  And ’d like to pray for you.  Would you stand up, just stand up right now at all the campuses.  I know it takes some courage.  I know that and I’m not trying to embarrass you, you know that.  I’m just asking you to respond in faith.  Could we just stretch our hands towards you – if you just look around, again at every campus if you see one of these ladies standing if you’ll just stretch your hands toward them.  Let’s agree in prayer right now.  Hallelujah father, thank you Lord. Lord thank you for these ladies and thank you for the miracles you’ve already performed.  And Lord we know that this desire is not a bad desire, it’s a desire that came from you.  And so Lord I’m asking you right now if there’s anything medically that needs to be healed will you heal it in Jesus’ name.  Lord will you bring healing right now.  And lord I ask you, as scripture says, you opened her womb and she conceived. I’m asking you Lord to open the wombs of these ladies. And I’m asking you Lord to bless them with a full and healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.  Lord I ask you in Jesus’ name.  And in Jesus’name, I speak conception, and Lord we thank you and we receive Lord the children are a blessing from the Lord, we receive these as blessings and I bless my sister’s in Christ right now, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

On one level, I enjoy listening to Morris. There usually isn’t much substance, but he is often an entertaining speaker and in this one, he had some good laugh lines. However, I offer this post to get us thinking about offers of healing in the church. In this case, what if a woman didn’t want to stand up? Morris called standing a response “in faith.” Will some women chastise themselves for a lack of faith? What if the reason for infertility is with the woman’s husband? Will Morris save that prayer for Father’s Day? If Morris’ spoken conception doesn’t work for those women standing, then what are we to conclude?
Very interested in reader feedback on this one. Discuss.