American Bible college opens Ugandan branch, discourages “gay culture in Africa”

In the FYI file:

A Life Christian University is starting up in Kampala this month and one its purposes will be to discourage gay culture.

From the Daily Monitor:

A US-based Life Christian University has opened up a branch in Kampala to teach ethics, evangelism and church management, its officials have said. The Academic Dean, Dr. Dennis Sempebwa said the university will apply the American syllabus of evangelism and discourage gay culture in Africa.

“To be a pastor, God calls you but you must be trained. They should have the knowledge on how to handle the church.” The campus director, Dr Steven Kawula said the university will open this month on Bombo Road.

“We developed the idea of expanding to Kampala to access evangelists so that we can save the growing born again churches from getting wasted. We shall also offer other courses to suit businessmen and other academicians,” Mr Sempebwa told journalists in Kampala last week.

A Dennis Sempebwa is also the pastor of Santuary of Life church in East Lenox, IL, near Chicago. I emailed the church to learn if this is the same man who is leading the Kampala campus. I suspect so given that SoL’s pastor is from Uganda. Life Christian University in Florida is the awarder of Dr. Sempebwa’s degree and I suspect the chartering school for the Kampala branch.