ACORN whistleblowers come forward: Housing funds were spent on political organizing

The Consumers Rights League today released two affidavits from former ACORN employees. Both disclose that federal funds intended to support ACORN housing efforts went instead to fund ACORN’s partisan politcal activities.
From the group’s website:

Washington, Oct 15 – Today, the Consumers Rights League (CRL) released more damning evidence that the housing operations of ACORN are illegally used to support the organization’s political operations. According to documents detailing the accounts of former ACORN Housing Corporation employees, the group allegedly misused funds and may have hidden activities from federal authorities.

The affidavits are on the CRL website.
The affidavits accuse ACORN of unethical and illegal activities. The individuals are prepared to testify against ACORN in court.
Other former ACORN employees came forward in July, 2008.